Solutech launches a pallet inverter

Well known in the manufacturing of pallet stretch wrapping machines and high quality palletizers, Solutech Packaging systems manufacture as well, pallet inverters. What is a pallet inverter? It’s an automatic machine that rotate 180 degrees complete pallet load. Examples: 1) A client has damage pallets onto which they have already palletized their goods, therefore they…

Agri-Food industry

Solutech knows how to ensure your products are wrapped as a pro, from an entry level vertical stretch wrapper SLP 100 to a conveyorized rotary tower automatic SCRTA 200 model.

Pulp and Paper industry

Solutech serves the pulp and paper industry from small printing business to multinational paper mills and from our entry level stretch wrapper to robotics for material handling and palletizing.

Doors and windows

From basement windows to large patio doors, we serve the doors and windors industry in stretch wrapping, paletizing and material handling equipment.

Distribution centers and 3PL

We help distribution centers to improve their shipping profitability, ergonomics in the workspace and decrease costs in labour. All in a simple portable battery-powered Intelli-Wrap stetch wrapper.