Distribution centers and 3PL

Lots of pallets to wrap and not that many espace?

Ease of use, flexibility and portability characterize this machine.  With the robot, you will find the end of your floor space problems.  Our wrapping robot, the Intelli-Wrap will travel with ease to your loads for wrapping where they are located.  The Intelli-Wrap is also a great machine to use when wrapping oversized loads.


• If you are looking at wrapping 15-20 pallets per hour, this machine is made for you.  An ideal solution for distribution centers, the criteria for maximum usage include a clean, flat floor, loads larger than 24” x 24” and loads weights of more than 200 lbs. With a capacity to pre-stretch film up to 180%, this machine allows increased film savings and a lesser environmental foot print than manually wrapped loads.
• This machine concept is safe as a safety interlocked bumper is provided in front of the robot should it hit something an immediate stop will result.
• Batteries offers 8 hours of operations in continuous operation.