About us

Solutech has established a global reputation with more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of packaging systems. Solutech designs and manufactures stretch wrapping equipment, palletizing systems and material handling solutions for all the industries.
Standard machines or specific custom design solutions are available for your needs!

 We are proud to offer you a 3 in 1 package by proposing a complete end of the line solution:

• Pallet wrapping machines
• Palletizing and material handling solutions
• Custom design project based on your specific needsSolutech offers turnkey project management, we have the expertise and knowledge to perform complete system integrations by:• Analyzing your specific needs and technical requirements
• Designing the system with our engineering recommendations
• Manufacturing the machineries

Robot programming
• Offering the FAT, factory acceptance tests at our premises before shipment
• Offering complete integration into your existing line, including the modifications of the existing installation if needed
• Installing and integrating your new line


Conception and design


Conception and design

Starting with our standard range of stretch wraping equipment, palletizers and material handling solutions, Solutech’s engineering team is continuously innovating and in creativity mode to design equipment that can evolve to the rhythm and the growth pace of our customers. Our engineering team works with first-class technology to provide the most accurate design as possible.


Conception and design


Machine Shop and Welding

Solutech has an in-house metal working shop and offers service for all your machining and welding needs when customizing our own equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to offervyou a custom made solution based on your specific requirements.


Conception and design


Paint Shop

All Solutech steel structures are painted with powder coat paint applied electro-statically. This paint does not generate any COV, which is the principal cause of SMOG above cities. At Solutech we use all our talent in order to improve our environmental situation. Our expert team believes the electrostatic powder application is the best method to paint industrial equipment.

The advantages of this technology are: absence of solvent,  durability, and the resistance to impact and decoloration.

At Solutech, all steel components are sand blasted, then electro-statically painted. Lastly, the components are put in the oven to cook, ensuring stability and durability. During all the process, every single machine pass our internal QC process by one of our engineers.


Conception and design



Solutech supports its clientele with a team of electro-mechanics. We are proud of our systems and offer service at the level of your expectations.We also have a network of distributors that will support the equipment wherever you might be located in north, central or south America.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team will direct you towards the best possible solution.