Our value proposition

If you Google “STRETCH WRAPPER” you will notice that all stretch wrappers looks like the same. How is Solutech adding value to the market? Strength, durability, sales support and service.
Chain drive in our packaging, palletizers and material handling equipment.

When we designed the first Solutech turntable SLP series unit, we noticed that two opposite technologies were used by existent manufacturers, belt drive and chain drive. Every  system has pros and cons, but our choice was chain, actually a double chain. We knew that was the choice for the most known forklift manufacturers. Drive chain offers increased load capacity in real conditions , long lasting operation years and in a very low maintenance requirements.







Touch Scren technology
Touch screen technology as standard feature

Solutech integrates the touch-screen technology in all the equipments. One of the greatest benefits of touch screens is the intuitive interaction between user and device. For this reason Solutech equipment are not only very low maintenance but low trainning necessary, this intuitive technology makes operators increase the productivity from the first minute. Using a touch screen interface increases accuracy and reduces time to get used to the equipment. This will improve efficiency and will eventually keep costs down. Users of touch screen devices can respond quickly without making errors.


bottom turntable
Unpainted bottom side of a turntable

The thikness of the steel we use on our turtables makes Solutech equipments one of the most hard work-ready machines on the market, period. In a fast paced warehouse is very possible that forklifts loading the stretch wrappers will touch and push the turntables. With a Solutech machine this is not a major issue, as we know the reality in warehouses and our machines are built to last.



prestretch arriage and touch screen tech
Pre stretch film carriage with automatic top thread system.

Solutech offers unlimited lifetime warranty on compound pre-stretch rollers, so you break it and we replace it for free. …nonethless to say this had never been necessary.

Solutech offers also the industry standard limited time warranty for the rest of the equipment.