SRWA series

This model allows to wrap products horizontally, such has moldings, carpets, furnitures, and more. The operator simply have to position the product on the automatic infeed conveyors the machine will start automatically, engage the product in the ring, the film carriage will start it’s rotation while the conveyor will move forward, at the end of the product, the rotation will stop and the film will be clamped and cut automatically then the product will move out of the ring on the outfeed conveyor.

Should you be looking for certain options, be sure to inform us.  If you are looking for something not included in our current list, we will design it to meet your needs.

horizontal automaticThe machines differentiate themselves with the size of the ring* :

• SRWA-24 (Solutech Ring wrapper automatic 24”)
• SRWA-36 (Solutech Ring wrapper automatic 36”)
• SRWA-48 (Solutech Ring wrapper automatic 48”)
• SRWA-72 (Solutech Ring wrapper automatic 72”)
• SRWA-98 (Solutech Ring wrapper automatic 98”)

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*Please consult factory for any specific demands.