SHPA series

This series features automatic turntable high profile stretch wrappers providing a real user-friendly operation by allowing the operator to start the system from the forklift. The system automatically attaches the stretch film at the beginning of the cycle and cuts and wipes the film at the end of the cycle increasing ergonomics, profitability and decreasing the risk of work related injuries.

Should you be looking for certain options, be sure to inform us.  If you are looking for a new application, we will design it to meet your needs.


Built to last, this machine will wrap 40 to 50 pallets per hour.

• Turntable weight capacity of 4,000 lbs
• Structural steel construction for unbeatable life durability
• With a capacity to pre-stretch film up to 300%, this machine allows increased film savings and a lesser environmental foot print than manually wrapped loads.
• Solutech’s unique 20” powered pre-stretch film carriage with automatic top thread system facilitates ease of film threading for the operator and eliminates premature wear of conventional carriage gates over the years.  Additionally, it offers higher pre-stretch efficiency in the long run.
• Electronically controlled film compensation systems providing equal tension all around the pallets load and on the corners by the stretch film.
• Non proprietary parts commercially available ensures quick re-start.
• Automation module clamps the film at the beginning of the cycle, and cuts and wipes it at the end of the wrapping cycle.
• 3 year warranty on all parts; lifetime warranty on compound pre-stretch rollers.