Semi automatic vertical

The semi automatic technology allows operator to control the packaging process in wrapping speed and film cutting program manually.

In this caterigy, Solutech offers the SLP, the SHP and the SRT series and the portable battery-powered Intelli-Wrap stretch wrapper featuring semi-automatic or fully-automatic operation.

SLP is the entry level stretch wrapper with low profile turntable.

SHP is the high profile turntable series.

SRT is the rotary arm stretch wrapping series.

The Intelli-Wrap is fully develop in our facility in Quebec, Canada. This small and practical stretch wrapper can be operated as automatic or semi automatic. On the 2016 model, the Intelli-Wrap just need 42 inches around the pallet to wrap non-stop during 12 hours, with a capacity of 20 to 30 pallets per hour. Are you in need of a stretch wrapper and your warehouse is too small for a vertical standard stretch wrapper? This machine can be offered under a lease program, withh a monthly adjusted amount of the equivalent savings in film…just call us or text me now at 819-570-4858.

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