Système semi automatique horizontale

Featuring the models 24, 36 and 48, the SRW series allows wrapping products horizontally, such as moldings, carpets, furniture, flooring and more. The operator simply positions the product on the machine working table and presses a foot pedal. The film carriage will start the rotation process, while the operator pushes the product on the gravity conveyors. When the foot pedal is released the carriage will find its home position, stop and the film will be clamped and cut automatically. Should you be looking for certain options, be sure to inform us. If you are looking for something not included in our current list, we will design it to meet your needs.
The machines differentiate themselves onthe size of the ring:

• SRW-24 (Solutech Ring wrapper 24”
• SRW-36 (Solutech Ring wrapper 36”
• SRW-48 (Solutech Ring wrapper 48”